Thanks to more than 10,000 active components in stock and through more than 500 suppliers, we are able to offer you any technical solution for your harnesses in harsh environments such as:

  • Engines
  • High battery
  • High voltage
  • High airbag system
  • Calculator
  • Lightened and shielded aluminium cable

We have the equipment required to deal with any existing technology (braiding, wrapping, welding, ultrasonic splicing, laser etc.)

Sensors, connectors and sub-assemblies

Thanks to our R&D and industrialisation structure, we have the skills to develop sub-assemblies that complement your harnesses, complete active organs such as:

  • Sensor
  • Motor drive
  • Junction box
  • Relay

Cabinets and assembly

Following growing demand, we have developed a new architecture for wiring sub-assemblies such as:

  • Electrical cabinets
  • Actuators
  • Distribution box

Injection and overmoulding

Our fleet of 20 injection moulding machines ranging from 5 to 200 tonnes of bi-materials enables us to provide our customers with complete and personalised solutions.

We manufacture connectors and are able to customise according to the needs of OEMs.