Product and Process Design

We bring personalised solutions to each of our customers according to their needs; our team of engineers remains at your disposal.

Our technical teams (22 engineers and 15 CAD stations) use the latest 3D design software. Our design office can thus take full charge of the product design, taking into account the constraints of our customers in order to meet their specifications.

The engineering teams are multidisciplinary, and product design is shared across all our sites to ensure a high level of expertise.

Our organisation in the project platform guarantees correct manufacturing of the products and that the schedule is adhered to. Thanks to the appropriate tools (Functional Analysis, FMEA, Monitoring Plan, Product Approval, etc.), we are able to closely monitor compliance with business rules and customer requirements.


Our production workshops adapt to the needs of our customers and are capable of producing both very small series and very large series. We have an international presence, which gives us a close relationship with our customers and widely recognised reactivity and flexibility.

We have 34 production lines. Each site can replace another in accordance with our security plan. Our average weekly production is 80,000 electrical harnesses and 30,000 other parts (sensors, plastic injection, etc.).


With many factories abroad, we handle the customs clearance of goods ourselves thanks to our AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certification.
This asset makes it possible to secure and manage flows for all our customers.
With our own fleet of trucks, we ensure deliveries to our production sites and to our customers. We have security stocks at our various hubs, the main one being in France in Rioz (70190). This makes it possible to respond to ad hoc needs or to make deliveries when necessary.

Customer support

Customer satisfaction, product quality and the constant search for new solutions represent our values and are the basis of our business relations. Our sales department is attentive to the needs of our customers and masters all common techniques such as:

  • Monozokuri
  • Quick saving
  • Business Link
  • Productivité
  • Eco tech …

Qualité / Sécurité / Environnement

Our quality system is structured according to ISO9001 and IATF standards.

Rewarded many times by our clients for our excellent results, our level of confidence allows us to maintain targets of less than 10 PPM.
The structure is constantly progressing, and our next challenges are ISO14001 environmental certification and ISO45001 safety management.